Waiver Services

The Nicollet County Public Health Waiver Services offers assistance to elderly and/or disabled persons looking for community resources.

Alternative Care Program

Alternative Care (AC) is a state funded cost sharing program that supports certain home and community-based services for eligible Minnesotans age 65 and older.

Community Alternative Care

Community Alternative Care (CAC) funds are for persons who are chronically ill and medically fragile. Persons in this waiver need the level of care that would typically be provided in a hospital.

Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals

Community Access for Disabled Inclusion (CADI) funds appropriate health care and support services in the community for children and adults under 65 years of age with a disability. Persons living in a nursing facility may also be offered help in order to discharge to a community setting.

Elderly Waiver Program

Elderly Waiver (EW) funds home and community based services of people age 65 and older who are eligible for MA (Medical Assistance) and require help with care that might typically occur in a nursing facility.

Long-Term Care Consultation Services

Nicollet County offers Long-Term Care Consultation Services (LTCC) designed to help people make decisions about care needs. Social workers and public health nurses work together in teams to assess elderly or disabled individuals for services and supports that reflect needs as well as preferences. The LTCC team visits the person in their home and there is no charge for this service. Persons that are income eligible are offered waiver services or alternative care designed to help pay for services in the community. Call 507-934-7220 to inquire about a LTCC.

Brain Injury Waiver Program

Brain Injury (BI) Waiver funds appropriate health care and support services in the community for persons who have suffered a traumatic brain injury and require the types of services provided in a specialized nursing home or hospital.